Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process that assesses a learner’s competency, acquired through formal and informal learning, to determine if they meet the requirements for a unit of study. RPL recognises skills, knowledge and/or experience an individual has gained within and/or outside the formal education and training system and assesses how they meet the requirements for a unit of competency within an Austroads approved skill set.

RPL – 

If an individual can provide evidence and clearly show that they have already gained the equivalent skills and knowledge, and that their skill and knowledge is current, then they may be granted recognition of prior learning. RPL involves assessment of your knowledge and experience of your previous and current skills, and compares them to the requirements of an Austroads Temporary Traffic Management Training program (skill sets and associated units of competency).

Blended RPL

This is the same process as above (RPL), however, instead of the one-on-one interview and challenge test, students attend a practitioner course, and complete the course theory assessment in class. Students are still required to complete the RPL kit(s) and submit their evidence. This assists those who have a strong knowledge of working in traffic management, but need to be upskill in the Temporary Traffic Management National Framework (TTMNF)


The RPL Application Process

  1. Read the Fact Sheet carefully to understand RPL and Blended RPL processes – FACT SHEET
  2. Email info@civiledge to submit your interest to complete RPL (please add your phone number and the skill sets you would like to complete via RPL or Blended Learning). 
  3. Allow CivilEdge upto 5 business days to send out the RPL kit(s). 
  4. Complete the RPL kit(s) and obtain all relevant evidence (please see evidence list here). Please note that your workplace will have to assist with this for third-party declaration.
  5. Send all information together in ONE email (RPL kit and evidence) to info@civiledge.com.au
  6. Your information will be sent to a trainer for review (please note – allow 5-10 business days for a trainer to assess all information)
  7. CivilEdge will contact you to enrol in RPL or Blended RPL.

*PLEASE NOTE: CivilEdge requires 5-10 business days to review your RPL evidence and reach a decision.

**Note – additional evidence might be required.


CivilEdge offers Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for all Temporary Traffic Management National Framework (TTMNF). See individual course pages for unit codes.


The RPL assessment process should not be viewed as a straightforward path or ‘easy way’  to obtaining a qualification. Candidates must demonstrate dedication by identifying and presenting appropriate evidence and documentation to support their case. This demands considerable effort, and the necessary time investment should not be underestimated.




***NOTE – The fee for the RPL Review is non-refundable irrespective of the outcome.

RPL/Blended RPL RPL recognises any prior knowledge and experience and measures it against the qualification in which students are enrolled. Blended RPL – A blended approach may be the most appropriate option if your previous skills may fit some, but not all necessary units. For more information visit - RPL/Blended RPL