This course covers the skills and knowledge required to operate a truck or trailer mounted attenuator when carrying out traffic management.

Target Audience

This course is aimed at current or new TMA operators looking to formalise and deepen their skills and knowledge in TMA operations.

Course requirements:

Learners are required to:
  • Be 18 years of age or over
  • Have Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) skills to ACSF level 2 or above
  • Have a current white card (CPCWHS1001 or equivalent)
  • Have a current Work Zone Traffic Management card
  • Have a current and valid heavy vehicle licence of a suitable class to operate the TMA i.e. MR licence or above
  • Have work experience in the last 6 months of implementing traffic management plans/traffic guidance schemes
  • Bring your own PPE (including steel capped boots, long pants and high visibility shirt / vest / jacket).
To reduce our environmental impact, we are digitizing our training material. Please ensure that you bring your smart-phone / tablet / laptop as you'll be required to scan a QR code to download the Learner Guide of this course.

CITB Funding Information
Learners may be eligible for CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) funding to support training of eligible workers in the construction industry. CITB funding is only available for South Australian resident learners and is provided upon provision of a valid CITB identification number upon booking.

CITB funding for this course is $220 - reducing the course fee from $720 to $500!

If you are unable to provide a valid CITB number or if you do not successfully complete the course you will be required to pay the full course price. For more information on CITB funding criteria and conditions please go to www.citb.org.au.

We acknowledge the support of the Construction Industry Training Board in reducing the cost of training for eligible workers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Plan and prepare to operate the attenuator
  • Conduct truck and attenuator pre-operational checks
  • Operate communication devices
  • Operate truck or trailer mounted attenuator
  • Position traffic controls and truck or trailer mounted attenuator
  • Carry out operator maintenance
  • Clean up

Learning Methods

This one day course is delivered face to face in the classroom and involves powerpoint presentations‚ group activities, demonstrations, videos, written assessment activities and both simulated and live practicals.
During the course learners will have the opportunity to practice their new skills in a TMA and will be required to demonstrate competency via assessment of operating a TMA on live roads.

Course Modules

  • RIIRTM301E Operate truck or trailer mounted attenuators

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