What is Ezypay?

EzyPay is a payment merchant that allows customers to pay for a range of products and services using a subscription/payment plan method.

CivilEdge offers students Ezypay payment plans on our entire range of courses, meaning students can pay for their course in just 4 weekly installments. Students are able to choose when the payments start, provided that the start date is before the course start date.


Payment Terms

The Ezypay Customer Terms and Conditions must be acknowledged by students prior to entering into a payment plan for their course with CivilEdge.

Ezypay payment plans appear on customers bank statements as “Ezypay – CivilEdge”

Please click here to read the Terms and Conditions.


CivilEdge Payment Plan Structure

Billing Amount: 4 Installments of the course price (e.g. If the course is $400, you will be billed $100 over 4 weekly installments). 
Billing Frequency:
Billing Date*: Thursday at 12:00PM AEST
Billing Start Date: Students can choose when their payment plan starts, provided that the first payment is made prior to the course start date.**
*Unless student books between Thursday and their course start date where the student’s payment plan will commence the next day.
**Statement of Attainment Certificates will only be issued once full payment has been received.


CivilEdge Failed Payment Terms:

– The customer will be charged $8.90 each time they fail to make a payment.
– Ezypay will attempt to re-bill the customer again after 3 days. If payment fails again, the customer will be charged another failed payment fee.
– After a second failed payment, CivilEdge will contact the customer regarding next steps for payment collection.

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